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Anne Carson said to write using a numbered list because people will think it’s almost over (the guise of movement) and keep reading.


I am writing with numbers as a way to ensure a narrative.


I have read many books this month where authors use numbers to separate paragraphs, phrases, stanzas. I am taking this directly from Maggie Nelson, Matias Vegener, et al.


There are four sides in a square. A square is solid. A square is comfort. A square is a box to hide inside of. There are four legs on the altar at the church.


Yesterday, I drew cards for the “Tarot of Liberation” arrangement, in accordance to Jodorowsky’s principle. There were five cards. Three of my five cards were fours. I am in a time now where I am surrounded by a square. This could be the permanence of a relationship leading to inertia. To liberate myself I must fail at something. I must be attacked and I must succumb. This all culminates with the achievement of my destiny. My destiny was another four. But with this four I was not only comfortable, I was moving.


Four is my number when I am in a relationship, but typically my number is three.


I went to the Yankee Candle Factory with Joseph. I bought a candle called “Autumn Leaves”. By the time I reached the bottom of the wick, all the leaves in my yard had changed colors. I had not expected this.


Typically I am afraid of terrorism but now there is Ebola. Something else to fear; a relief.

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